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GacoShield is a top-quality, durable acrylic coating used by most decking professionals. It creates a fully adhered, durable membrane which expands and contracts along with your deck. GacoShield is perfect in hot or cold climates, because this high-quality acrylic coating does not soften in the heat or become brittle from cold.

GacoShield is specially formulated to protect and prolong the life of your wood deck. The unique chemistry of GacoShield allows the wood to breathe while protecting the wood as well. The result is an attractive and protective deck coating.

GacoShield is a high quality protection for dimensional lumber decks. GacoShield provides lasting surface protection, plus a skid resistant surface.

GacoShield is ideal for the following dimentional lumber materials

Pressure Treated

GacoDeck is a high quality waterproof deck system that can be applied over plywood, concrete, metal, fiberglass, and painted surfaces (metal and fiberglass surfaces require a primer). The GacoDeck system provides lasting surface protection and waterproofing, plus a skid resistant surface that cleans up easily. One Gaco Deck Kit will cover 100 sq. ft.

GacoDeck creates a fully adhered, durable waterproof membrane which expands and contracts along with your substrate.

GacoDeck is perfect in hot or cold climates, because this highquality acrylic coating does not soften in the heat or become brittle from cold.

Ramps, Stairs, and More

GacoDeck coating will also provide an attractive, skid-resistant surface on platforms such as decks, boat docks, and stair treads, or on wheel chair ramps and walkways. For these applications, GacoDeck functions as a durable, easy to clean surface.

GacoDeck "The Easy Waterproofing" for Roof Decks

Many Deck coatings contain high levels of harmful solvents that are as dangerous to the environment as they are to the applicator and others in the immediate area. The outcome is increased difficulty and an unpleasant home improvement project that can make the most careful homeowner think twice. The finished product is a rushed and messy job with a less than desirable final result.

GacoDeck is a user friendly sophisticated Acrylic Polymer Blend originally developed for and still used by professionals since 1988. In simpler terms GacoDeck delivers all of the durability and toughness of a more expensive installed waterproof deck coating without the harmful and unhealthy vapors and because GacoDeck is a water based acrylic, clean up is easy with just soap and water. The result is a durable, attractive home improvement project.

  • Lifetime Warranty
    Waterproof Your Roof in a Day
    Apply to Virtually Any Roof
    Reduce Energy Costs
    The ONLY 100% silicone roof coating                                                                                                         
  • GacoDeck is ideal for the following deck types                                                                                         Plywood
    Previously Painted or Coated Surfaces

How do I know if my deck can be re-coated with the GacoDeck Kit system?
If the existing deck coating or membrane remains fully adhered to the substrate, it can be recoated.

Can I recoat over Hypalon® or urethane? What preparations should I make for an existing deck?
To prepare any deck for a new topcoat, it must be cleaned by pressure washing or thorough scrubbing with detergent and water. Rinse well and allow to dry 24 hours. If your existing deck coating is waterproof and in good condition, you may recoat the surface. If the deck coating leaks, is worn, or has cracks or holes, you may recoat the surface. For decks with "alligator" cracks in the coated surface, or cracking at plywood seams, we recommend taking off the old tape with a sander using 80-grit sandpaper.

What substrates should not be coated with the GacoDeck Kit system?
GacoDeck Kit will not go over torchdown, BUR, or on decks with no slope or standing water (┬╝-inch puddle for 1 week).

Why can't I use GacoDeck Kit over a torchdown roof?
The GacoDeck Kit coating is a much harder acrylic compared to other acrylic roofing products on the market. Most acrylic roof coatings are soft acrylics, which does not make for a good walking surface. For torchdown roofs that are not intended as walking surfaces, GacoRoof provides a bright white waterproof surface.

Can I apply the GacoDeck Kit over a clear sealed plywood such as Thompson Water-Seal or Wood-Life?
Wood sealers often contain paraffin, which prevents paint or coatings from adhering to the wood. If you have sealed your deck surface, you must use Strip XL, manufactured by Bio Wash, to strip off the sealer. Test the surface after stripping the sealer by spraying with water and seeing if the water still beads. If the water does not bead, the sealer has been stripped. After testing, allow the surface to dry for 24 hours.

How long before furniture can be placed on the deck after the deck has been coated?
48 hours. We recommend that deck furniture have rubber tipped legs to avoid scraping the deck surface.

Can I put planters on my deck?
Yes, you may put planters on your deck. To avoid discoloring or damaging the GacoDeck Kit coated surface, planters must be up off the surface. Plant stands, rollers, or glass blocks can be used to lift planters and pots up off of the deck surface. Avoid puddles of water under planters or hanging baskets.

Can I have a hot tub on my deck?
There are two ways to purify and maintain the water in a hot tub. One is a chlorine-based system, and the other is a bromide-based system. Chlorine-based systems can cause damage and discoloration to the coating surface from hot, chlorinated water splashing on to the deck surface. Bromide-based systems (such as Baqua Spa) can be used with the GacoDeck Kit coating. It is always a good idea to minimize splashes of chemically-treated water on your deck surface. If splashes do occur, rinse the area with clean water.

Can I use the GacoDeck Kit system to add a skid-resistant surface around a pool?
Yes, the GacoDeck Kit system can be used around pool surrounds. It is always a good idea to minimize splashes of chemically-treated water on your deck surface, because repeated exposure to heavy doses of chlorine may enhance fading and embrittle the coating.

Can I use my barbeque on my deck?
Yes, you can barbeque on your deck. Take care to avoid any hot ashes or coals on the deck surface. If oil or soot collects on the deck surface, it may discolor. Wipe up any spills immediately.

My Deck Surface is still "Sticky" and has not cured. What should I do?:
If the temperature drops more than 20┬░ overnight after you coat your deck, your deck may not cure (harden) completely. Do not place heavy objects or furniture on your deck until it has cured! The following process removes small amounts of surfactents that can rise to the surface of a newly coated deck and inhibit curing time. If your deck coating is still sticky or tacky after 48 hours, wet the deck surface, apply an alkaline soap such as GacoDeck Wash or Simple Green, and agitate with a broom. Rinse the deck thoroughly and allow to dry. Within 48 hours, the deck surface should be cured.

I've been using textured black tape strips to make my stairs skid resistant, but the tape is always curling and coming up from the surface. Can I use the GacoDeck Kit to provide a skid-resistant surface on pressure-treated wood stair treads?
Yes you can! No primer, tape or caulking is required just remove any textured tape or adhesive that remains on the surface.

GacoDeck Available Colors